Our history

Kids’ Valley is a daycare with an emphasis on English language. It’s predecessor English Kindergarten began operating in Hyvinkää 39 years ago; the association that operates behind it, The English Club of Hyvinkää ry, was founded 27.9.1970.
The people who started it were Paavo Railo and Marjatta Koskijoki MA.

Officially the playschool activities began 7.1.1971 and after school classes 11.1.1971. The working environment was during the early years 1971-1983 in the Sveitsi outdoor swimming pool changing rooms, which were turned into classrooms for the winter and back into changing rooms again in the spring. The after school classes were also operating in Asema School premises.

In 1983 playschool and daycare moved to the current location. Both of these locations were given to use by the city of Hyvinkää.

From the year 2000 the core of the functions has been children’s part-time and full-time daycare and preschool children’s preschool education in the same way as it’s taught in the communal daycares. At it’s present stage Kid’s Valley has about 24 kids.

Once  a week we have an English Club for children between 3 and 9 years old. The club is held in Kids’ valley daycare.The idea of the club is to make children familair with another language and to give them a chance to start using the language, so it will be activated before the actual language education is the school. The club follows the schools time schedule. The club gathers about 15 times during autumn- and spring time on Tuesdays from 17.00-18.00. The costs of the club is 135e per term.


Remembrances From the Years Past

Katriina Parikka-Ahola, current board member and board secretary

I attended English Kindergarten for two years (1980-1982). I remember how my mother took me and the girl next door, Kirsi, to the afternoon group of the Kindergarten. They had morning and afternoon groups then, and the afternoon group started at 13 and ended by 17. We packed our own lunch to go in a small bag and I always took my toy monkey Santtu with me as well.

You could start the English Kindergarten at the age of four then, and that group was called Reds, five year olds were Greens and the six year olds were Yellows. I remember particularly the songs and games being in English, and learning simple words and sentences. It did help me at school when I started learning the English language there.

Sometimes we played at the swimming pool playground, and they had swing sets and a very fast carousel. The skiing competition was held at the swimming pools grounds as well and it was fun! I still have the silver medal I won one year.



In our class photo I am with Santtu the monkey, the middle row and second from the left.


Exciting skiing competition.